Friday, 10 January 2014

Not to be Cliche...BUT....

The New Year couldn't have come at a better time for me. I needed a blank canvas to start building on and I'm pleased to say, so far so good.

Here's to an exciting year with my new hair and new excitement ahead.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Not Too Early to Think About Christmas Party Hair

I hate to jump on the Christmas bandwagon so soon but a couple of times this week I've heard talk of Christmas Parties, Christmas meals and Christmas outfits, so it seems fitting to talk about some trends, styles and ideas for the festive season.

I love the idea of hair jewels. They are the simplest way to dress up a hairdo without changing the actual style at all. For Christmas, a lot of us have to go from office to party with only a toilet cubicle for a dressing room. This is the ideal solution to such a problem and there are some gorgeous examples about. It's not about the dangly headbands we saw at this summers festivals but more a "brooch" for your hair.

Keep your style simple and work the jewel trend into your hair for some Christmas sparkle that is a million miles away from tinsel and flashing earrings. 

Here are some of my personal faves

1. Limited Edition Premium Hair Brooch with Swarovski Stones - £24.00 (was £60!) - ASOS
2. Disco Hair Bow - £3.15 - Forever21
3. Flower Rhinestone Hair Clip - £16.50 - Topshop
4. Jennifer Behr Feather Swarovski crystal hairclip - £260.00 - Net-A-Porter  

Look out for more Christmas party hair related blog posts 

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Not Staying In with the Sisters

There are times in life when you need to be picked up and brushed off and luckily with a little help from my sisters that's exactly what I did this weekend. The Three Fletcher girls and our "adopted" sister Rachel all headed for the nearest bar and had a few drinks together.

Of course, for Connie it was handy to have me on hand to help with her hair for the evening. We weren't going anywhere too swanky so I rustled up a casual little up-do featuring some volume and of course some braiding.

I loved how it looked, it lasted all night and kept Connie cool when temperatures soared. Not sure if the heating was to blame or Con's dancemoves but it did the job!

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Not Such a Little Notahairdresser

Once upon a time I had not a care in the world, I wasn't concerned with frizz and deep conditioning and all other manner of hair worries. But someone else looking after my locks for me. My mum. Jackie was keen for me and my sisters to have good haircuts and lovely neat hairstyles. I've mentioned the two french plaits for school.

After rummaging in the loft at my parents house this weekend, helping my mum out with something, I came across a few pictures of a miniature me. Apparently I've always been a fan of a high bun (Ballet Exam aside) and I did suite a 'bob' back in 1990 (today, not so sure). Not to mention my penchant for a snap back and Ray-Ban Clubmaster style sunnies. I was so ahead of the times.

Also love the fact that I look so happy in all these pics. Good times.

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Not Ashamed to Say - I LOVE Primark

 Denim Spot Shir £12, Pink Cable Jumper (price unknown), Scarf £4, Plaid shirt £9, White/Grey Sporty Jumper (price unknown), Bird Shirt (price unknown), White/Black collar t-shirt £8, Lovely necklace £3. 

If I ever get asked the question "ohhhhhhh, I love your top/bikini/shirt, where is it from?", the most likely answer you'll hear is "It's actually from Primark, it was only £XX".

Bargain tourettes. A genuine, crippling condition that many of you will be familiar with.

But I'm not embarrassed to say that the majority of my clothes are from Primark. They're cheap, they're on trend (or at least I like them!) and when they're not trendy any longer I won't feel bad about over spending or chucking them into the charity shop.

And with an Autumn Collection as good as it's current collection, why the hell wouldn't you shop there. Above are just a few items that I'd be keen to pick up on my next visit. The spotty denim shirt is my absolute favourite, and it's only £12. I mean seriously. Pizza Express or new shirt? I know which I'd chose.

I know that certain items are worth splashing out on, staple pieces that you will keep for a long time (good trainers for example). I'm not cheap, but vest tops, pumps for £3 and jeans that fit like a glove for less than £10 are just silly to miss.

If you don't ever make the venture into Primark for fear of being trampled, do as I do and go early. The Tottenham Court road branch opens at 8:00am and Marble Arch at 8:30. It's tidy, empty and full of lovely bits and pieces. You'll be surprised not only by the value, but by how many bits and pieces you want to buy.

My only warning is this, only buy stuff that you really like. Don't buy stuff just because it's a bargain. It is no longer a bargain when one month later you haven't worn it and you definitely wont make the trip to return it. 

Now I'm just praying for a meeting in Soho very soon so that I can pop into Primark beforehand.

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Not Worth Trying - Batiste Dry Conditioner

I am a big, no massive, fan of Batiste. From the days of the most basic, non-scented dry shampoo to the huge range they now offer. So it is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you, quite frankly, not to bother with their newest product.

The Batiste Smoothing Conditioning Mist is marketed as a product that "nourishes, smooths fly-aways and helps retain moisture in dry unmanageable hair", with the help of wonder ingredient Argan Oi (surprise!). 

I have quite silky hair naturally but the bleached ends could always do with some love, so this is where I focused the product, but even my parched ends didn't like it. It was like someone had dipped them in a light coating of olive oil. Yuk. I just don't get it. It's a fine burst of oily mist, that sits on your hair and is a tiny spray away from making you look super greasy. If you have dry, curly hair it might suit you slightly better but I'm not convinced it's a staple hair product. 

I would say use a tiny bit of serum instead for fly-aways if you really suffer from them.  

It's a worry to think that people might use dry shampoo and then use this afterwards, due to it's misleading name. Please don't anybody spray this on your roots.

We all love Batiste because it keeps your locks fresh for longer, or revitalizes your style really quickly and easily. This product does none of those things, so I'm just not sure it's worth the price tag. At £3.99 it's not an expensive hair product but it's just not worth the money.

Very short summary - Dry Shampoo = YES. Dry Conditioner = No. 

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Not Sure If I Can Resist These...!

Oh god. It's happened. Nike Air Max WITH leopard print. Who is testing me with such products?! How am I meant to resist!!

It's like two of my favourite things laced together in one mouth-wateringly amazing combination. Nike iD have released this range (which is officially Cheetah print, but who really cares) in various colour combos, but I am loving the white and black vibe. I'd have mine as above, but am yet to decide on the sole. Solid white or black, or translucent Atomic Red? Decisions decisions. 

If there's ever been a moment for testing self control this is it. I worry I might just be too weak. I'm currently trying to think of what items of my wardrobe I can eBay to get some extra pocket money to purchase these bad boys.

Please don't sell out Nike - I beg you.

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