Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Not Sure If I Can Resist These...!

Oh god. It's happened. Nike Air Max WITH leopard print. Who is testing me with such products?! How am I meant to resist!!

It's like two of my favourite things laced together in one mouth-wateringly amazing combination. Nike iD have released this range (which is officially Cheetah print, but who really cares) in various colour combos, but I am loving the white and black vibe. I'd have mine as above, but am yet to decide on the sole. Solid white or black, or translucent Atomic Red? Decisions decisions. 

If there's ever been a moment for testing self control this is it. I worry I might just be too weak. I'm currently trying to think of what items of my wardrobe I can eBay to get some extra pocket money to purchase these bad boys.

Please don't sell out Nike - I beg you.

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