Thursday, 10 October 2013

Not Worth Trying - Batiste Dry Conditioner

I am a big, no massive, fan of Batiste. From the days of the most basic, non-scented dry shampoo to the huge range they now offer. So it is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you, quite frankly, not to bother with their newest product.

The Batiste Smoothing Conditioning Mist is marketed as a product that "nourishes, smooths fly-aways and helps retain moisture in dry unmanageable hair", with the help of wonder ingredient Argan Oi (surprise!). 

I have quite silky hair naturally but the bleached ends could always do with some love, so this is where I focused the product, but even my parched ends didn't like it. It was like someone had dipped them in a light coating of olive oil. Yuk. I just don't get it. It's a fine burst of oily mist, that sits on your hair and is a tiny spray away from making you look super greasy. If you have dry, curly hair it might suit you slightly better but I'm not convinced it's a staple hair product. 

I would say use a tiny bit of serum instead for fly-aways if you really suffer from them.  

It's a worry to think that people might use dry shampoo and then use this afterwards, due to it's misleading name. Please don't anybody spray this on your roots.

We all love Batiste because it keeps your locks fresh for longer, or revitalizes your style really quickly and easily. This product does none of those things, so I'm just not sure it's worth the price tag. At £3.99 it's not an expensive hair product but it's just not worth the money.

Very short summary - Dry Shampoo = YES. Dry Conditioner = No. 

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  1. It's useless on my porous hair too to be honest.