Friday, 11 October 2013

Not Ashamed to Say - I LOVE Primark

 Denim Spot Shir £12, Pink Cable Jumper (price unknown), Scarf £4, Plaid shirt £9, White/Grey Sporty Jumper (price unknown), Bird Shirt (price unknown), White/Black collar t-shirt £8, Lovely necklace £3. 

If I ever get asked the question "ohhhhhhh, I love your top/bikini/shirt, where is it from?", the most likely answer you'll hear is "It's actually from Primark, it was only £XX".

Bargain tourettes. A genuine, crippling condition that many of you will be familiar with.

But I'm not embarrassed to say that the majority of my clothes are from Primark. They're cheap, they're on trend (or at least I like them!) and when they're not trendy any longer I won't feel bad about over spending or chucking them into the charity shop.

And with an Autumn Collection as good as it's current collection, why the hell wouldn't you shop there. Above are just a few items that I'd be keen to pick up on my next visit. The spotty denim shirt is my absolute favourite, and it's only £12. I mean seriously. Pizza Express or new shirt? I know which I'd chose.

I know that certain items are worth splashing out on, staple pieces that you will keep for a long time (good trainers for example). I'm not cheap, but vest tops, pumps for £3 and jeans that fit like a glove for less than £10 are just silly to miss.

If you don't ever make the venture into Primark for fear of being trampled, do as I do and go early. The Tottenham Court road branch opens at 8:00am and Marble Arch at 8:30. It's tidy, empty and full of lovely bits and pieces. You'll be surprised not only by the value, but by how many bits and pieces you want to buy.

My only warning is this, only buy stuff that you really like. Don't buy stuff just because it's a bargain. It is no longer a bargain when one month later you haven't worn it and you definitely wont make the trip to return it. 

Now I'm just praying for a meeting in Soho very soon so that I can pop into Primark beforehand.

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  1. I've never been to Primark, or London, for that matter, but I think H&M here is the equivalent of it. It stocks the fair range of investment pieces, trendy pieces and then the little odd bits here and there. I do like how you're confident expressing how you regularly shop there - we don't all own an unlimited credit card, haha.

    Lubna | Elle Vox

    1. Exactly! Budget is important. Thanks so much for commenting! Come again x