Saturday, 17 August 2013

Not just a couple of drinks

It was a happy accident that I ended up at The Blind Pig on Thursday night. What I thought was to be a couple of cheeky drinks after work with some clients and colleagues, turned into a rather lovely yet messy night out. I'm extremely lucky that in my line of work I get to grace establishments such as these, and spend my evenings with some superb company.

I just wanted to give The Blind Pig the recognition it deserves and highlight a few of the details I loved about it that make me think I definitely want to go back.

They have a gorgeous cocktail list, with such an array of interesting tipples it took all of us a good 10 minutes to choose. The coffee bean treat you can see above is known as a "Mochachocafrapacino" or something to that affect. It had a lot of rum in it, a lot of port in it, and a lot of taste to it. It was like dessert in a drink and everyone who tried it loved it. The cocktails come in all shapes and sizes and that's half the fun of this place. You could work your way through the whole list and never know what was going to turn up at your table. I saw fruit, wooden cricket bats (!) and glass milk cartons appear from the bar.

The staff were super attentive, and well presented. The ladies all matched in a cute floral dress I had my eye on from Zara last season. A nice touch I thought, a change from the usual black shirt and trousers combo you so often see. The gents were smartly dressed, with one possessing a beard to rival even 1t (Mr Etta Din).

I have to mention my excitement over the food in this place. I only tried their chips (with curry mayo) and olives but I have already requested a date night there with Al. Fleshy, juicy, salty olives were what kept me going through the copious amounts of wine. I think I told everyone there about 8 times how tasty the olives were. Whoops.

Whilst this place is really quite luxurious, you're not taken for a ride with the prices. Cocktails are neither cheap nor expensive, ranging from £7-9.50 ish. However, we stuck with red wine after the first round of cocktails which was really lovely and reasonable at £17 for the bottle. Beers in chilled tankards came in at about £4.50 I believe.

You'll notice I took a snap of the toilets, which may not be important to some but it just outlines how much attention to detail has been paid here. I honestly cannot fault a thing.

If you have plans to go to the Blind Pig or give it a try based on this review, please do let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear. Follow on Bloglovin

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